Hair strengthening lotion with Keratin

Intensive care for weak and broken hair. Infused keratin stimulates the vital functions of the hair, making it healthy and vigorous, while restoring and protecting the hair from external influences.

Keratin shampoo for healthy and vital hair

Keratin, infused in the shampoo, restores damaged and treated hair by nourishing it down to the roots. Reduces splitting and restores hair back to its natural beautiful state while leaving hair soft and shiny.

Curl Locking Styling Spray with keratin

Gives hair a brilliant shine and vitality. The keratin infused in the fluid improves the natural structure of the hair and restores damage.

Detangling Lotion Spray with Keratin

Infused with keratin, which nourishes and restores damaged hair, improving the structure of the hair significantly.

Nourishing Hair Mask with keratin

Nourishing Hair Mask with keratin is an ideal way to restore even the most damaged and treated hair.

Hair Straightening Fluid with keratin

Product is ideal for hair straightening and styling. Specially designed fluid penetrates deeply and protects hair from damaging straighteners or hair dryers.

Liquid crystals with keratin

Liquid crystals with keratin provide your hair with extra protection, preventing the appearance of split ends. Keratin stimulates the vital functions of the hair, making it more sustainable, healthy and beautiful.

Conditioner with keratin for healthy and beautiful hair

Conditioner with Keratin deeply nourishes and repairs your hair, restoring its natural shine and vitality. After use, hair is silky smooth and visibly healthier.


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