Liquid Crystals

Liquid crystals provides instant shine, softness, flexibility and a glossy natural finish. They are the perfect solution for split ends.

Liquid Crystals with Linseed

Enriched with linseed oil provide hair with extra protection, preventing the emergence of flowering ends, making hair healthy and shiny..

Liquid Microcrystals With Ceramides

LIQUID MICROCRYSTALS with ceramides penetrate deep into the hair structure and restore it quickly, filling even the smallest cracks in the trunk.

Curl Enhancing Fluid with UV filter

Curl Enhancing Fluid’s special curl shaping fluid achieves naturally looking curls with maximum volume.

Volumising Spray

Gives lift and support at the roots without weighing down the hair. Moisturizes, conditions and protects.

Energy Complex with Placenta

The Victoria Beauty pure placenta extract lotion, enriched with amino acids, stimulates the vital functions of your hair, adds shine and volume to it and maintains the scalp in optimal physiological balance.

Hair Straightening Fluid

Hair Straightening Fluid offers an effective solution for frizzy and curly hair. Formulated with special ingredients that give maximum heat protection from flat irons and hair dryers, enabling you to achieve perfectly smooth and straight hair that feels as good as it looks.

Liquid crystals and Hair Repair Serum 2 in 1 with thermo protection

A unique combination of crystals and regenerating hair serum in one product with double effect-reconstruction and protection of your hair!

Anti Hair Loss Complex Placenta & Vitamins

Vitaminic Anti Hair Loss Placenta Lotion Victoria Beauty Effective stimulation of the hair growth


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